Applications driven by leveraging
the Lighting Technology Infrastructure

Smart Parking

By integrating into an energy-saving lighting deployment, NetSense offers a cost-effective solution for real-time parking availability information that saves patrons time and improves the overall parking experience.

Location Analytics

NetSense provides a unique platform for collecting location-based information across an entire retail property. The perimeter of retail information is extended, for example, out into where shoppers enter the property and park their vehicles.


With video-based security and real-time video analytics, Netsense offers not only a cost-effective solution to increase public safety and security, but also offers pro-active information with which to respond to incidents.  

The Next Generation
of Light Sensory Networks

NetSense is the the next-generation Light Sensory Network platform that delivers value beyond adaptive controls across lighting infrastructure.


Smart Lighting Becomes the Platform for Applications

The NetSense platform is comprised of technology that turns LED light fixtures into sensor-equipped, smart devices capable of capturing and transmitting data near real-time, providing unprecedented actionable insight and enabling a broad array of applications and services.

Thought Leadership

Since its inception, Sensity has been committed to solving city-wide problems while simultaneously protecting individual privacy.
— Scott Shipman, Chief Privacy Officer at Sensity Systems

Video: Sensity Systems Privacy & Smart City Technology

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