About Sensity

Sensity Systems, a Verizon company capitalizes on conversions to LED lighting—a process that will affect 4 billion lights worldwide over the next few years—to create a high-speed, sensor-based, multiservice, open networking platform known as a Light Sensory Network (LSN). LSNs help lighting owners improve lighting control and energy efficiency, as well as business processes that go well beyond lighting.

By embedding networking technology and sensors within LED luminaires themselves, Sensity uses energy-efficient LED lighting as the foundation for its turnkey NetSense platform, the first Light Sensory Network implementation. By working closely with developers of software applications and services that run on the NetSense platform, Sensity enables facility and municipal lighting owners to link energy efficiency and cost savings to the improvement of business goals as diverse as public safety, parking control, asset management, and retail analytics.

Sensity is the first company that has assembled all the relevant technology expertise, process integration know-how, and strong partnerships required to make the Light Sensory Network a reality.

Privately held Sensity Systems is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company’s global customers include Fortune 500 businesses, commercial and industrial property owners, retail facilities, municipal and regional agencies, universities, school districts, hospitals, transportation authorities, warehousing and distribution facilities, and horticulture operations.


Hugh Martin, Chairman and CEO

Hugh Martin created the vision for Sensity Systems and the Light Sensory Network and is responsible for steering the company’s strategic course. His 35-year track record as an entrepreneurial leader of cutting-edge technology companies, new ventures, and high-growth businesses includes serving at the helm of numerous highly successful organizations. In 2011, he was named CEO for Fortune magazine’s ‘Executive Dream Team: The startup edition,’ acknowledged for his ‘management chops’ and for successfully taking public two companies, in two different industries. (see full bio)


Sean Harrington, Chief Operating Officer

Sean Harrington is the chief operating officer (COO) for Sensity Systems, where he is responsible for the operational and strategic leadership of Sensity’s product development, business development, sales and marketingSean joined Sensity in July 2012 and has led sales, marketing and business development at the company. (see full bio)


Geoff Arnold, Chief Technology Officer

Geoff Arnold is responsible for setting technical direction for Sensity Systems. He has over 35 years of experience in distributed systems, including 10 years in cloud computing architecture. He has held leadership roles in many open source and standards organizations. (see full bio)



Phil Rehkemper, Vice President & CFO

Phil Rehkemper joined Sensity Systems in July 2014 to lead the company’s financial and administration operations globally. Phil brings more than 27 years of financial and strategic planning experience to Sensity. Most recently, he was the CFO for API Technologies Corp. (see full bio)



Scott R. Shipman, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer

Scott R. Shipman is the General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) for Sensity Systems Inc. He is responsible for the legal function, privacy and data protection, information security and physical security aspects of the company. He brings more than 16 years of legal expertise to the company. (see full bio)


Csaba Rekeczky, Vice President of Advanced Analytics & Vision Systems

Dr. Csaba Rekeczky is the Vice President of Advanced Analytics and Vision Systems for Sensity Systems. With over 20-years of experience in neuromorphic, bio-inspired and embedded vision system design, he is responsible for advanced video and sensor fusion based analytics development, setting its embedded computer vision development roadmap and managing the company’s Hungary/EU R&D center (computer vision and embedded product development). (see full bio)


Hubert Riley, Vice President, External Affairs

Hubert Riley is responsible for Sensity’s external affairs strategy and execution, connecting the company with top level federal, state and local and public-sector commercial representatives. Prior to joining Sensity, Hubert ran a successful consulting practice in Sacramento, California where he provided expert strategic advice and consultation to clients across the country in public affairs, public sector marketing and business development. (see full bio)


Stefano Landi, Vice President, Sales & Partners

As vice president of sales and partners, Stefano Landi leads Sensity’s Sales and Partners organization, responsible for managing overall global sales as well as the company’s go-to-market (GTM) partners and development/application ecosystem partners. His illustrious career has encompassed some of the world’s most significant technology companies in industries spanning computers, telecommunications, mobile, and networking. (see full bio)


Amy Lee, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications

Amy Lee is a corporate marketing and communication professional with a track record of launching companies, building marketing and communication organizations, and creating effective programs that help companies succeed in rapidly evolving markets. (see full bio)


John Hejtmanek, Vice President, Infrastructure

John Hejtmanek is the Vice President of Infrastructure. He joined Sensity in August 2015 to build out the company’s Service and Cloud Operations teams in support of Sensity’s rapid growth. John has over 20 years of experience building high performance teams in the Networking, Telecom and Biomedical fields. (see full bio


David Tucker, Vice President, Product Management

David Tucker is the Vice President of Product Management at Sensity Systems. He is responsible for Sensity’s global Internet of Things (IoT) product and platforms strategy. David brings over 20 years of experience managing both consumer cloud services as well as enterprise networking and communications products. David has a passion for creating cloud-based solutions that integrate device and cloud capabilities to solve complex problems. (see full bio)


Tahir Khan, Chief Information Security Officer

Tahir Khan is the Chief Information Security Officer for Sensity Systems, where he is responsible for cybersecurity and information security, including establishing and maintaining the security strategy for the company’s hardware, software and cloud initiatives to ensure information assets and technologies are protected. (see full bio)


Hugh Martin
Chairman and CEO, Sensity Systems

Geoffrey Baehr
General Partner, Almaz Capital

Kevin Compton
Co-Founder, Radar Partners

Wim Elfrink
President, WPE Ventures Digitized Solutions

Bernie Erickson
Division Manager, Facilities Solutions Group

Jon Feiber
Managing Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures

Sean Harrington
COO, Sensity Systems

Mark Masur
General Partner, Silver Creek Ventures


The Honorable Tom Ridge
Former Head of DHS, Governor of Pennsylvania

The Honorable Richard A. Gephardt
Former House Majority Leader

Ed Davis
Former Boston Police Commissioner

Steve Goldsmith
Former Mayor of Indianapolis and Former COO New York City

Heather Zichal
Former Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change

Marcia L. Hale
Former White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Gabe Klein
Former DOT Director Washington DC and Former DOT Commissioner Chicago and Founder of ZipCar


James Gosling
"Father of Java," Former Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems, awarded the IEEE John von Neumann Medial in 2015

Peter Swire
Former Privacy Advisor to President Clinton

Richard Purcell
Former Chief Information and Security Officer for Microsoft