Core Node

The Sensity Systems Core Node EX is an integral part of our NetSense platform - an open architecture-based light sensory network that can be deployed along with LED luminaires. We designed the NetSense Core Node EX to instantly convert LED fixtures into IP-enabled sensory nodes. As part of the light sensory network they provide both the lighting control and cloud-based IoT services via a standard NEMA socket. 

Main Features

  • Multi-sensor wireless communication and control
  • Directly mounts to the luminaire via existing NEMA photocontrol socket (In accordance with ANSI C136.41)
  • Onboard GPS
  • Controls power and light output of LED luminaire
  • Measurement and reporting on electrical and sensor data
  • Utility grade power metering
  • Provides auxiliary power to additional devices
  • Monitors status of LED luminaire and network
  • Embedded antenna

Measurement and Control

The Core Node EX is connected to incoming AC mains and the LED driver. This direct connection provides on/off control and performance monitoring of the luminaire. Luminaire dimming control follows 0-10VDC dimming standard. Power monitoring and measurement is achieved by an onboard Energy Management IC.

Onboard microcontroller manages data communication, sensor control, fault management and status reporting.

Communication and Security 

The core node connects via standard 802.11 a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi version) wireless communication protocols. It is highly secure with certification based authentication for every device and TLS 128-bit encryption.


Onboard sensors include power and accelerometer sensors.  Sensor module include ambient light, PIR motion, and temperature sensors (sold separately).