Csaba Rekeczky, Vice President of Advanced Analytics & Vision Systems

Dr. Csaba Rekeczky is the Vice President of Advanced Analytics and Vision Systems for Sensity Systems. With over 20-years of experience in neuromorphic, bio-inspired and embedded vision system design, he is responsible for advanced video and sensor fusion based analytics development, setting its embedded computer vision development roadmap and managing the company’s Hungary/EU R&D center (computer vision and embedded product development).

As Vice President of R&D at AnaLogic Computers, he led the single-chip sensor-processor and algorithmic product development efforts (neuromorphic vision sensors integrating functions from sensing to detection). In his role as Chief Technology Officer of Eutecus, Inc., he determined the technology and vision system development direction, bringing analytics to the edge of an IP camera network. As CEO and President of Eutecus, he managed a strategic transition toward embedded vision IP product development for both the industrial and automotive IoT markets worldwide.

A vision system expert with a PhD in electrical and neuromorphic engineering with international research background (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, University of Tokushima and University of California Berkeley), Csaba has worked and taught in several countries including the EU, Japan and the USA. He is also a Professor at PPCU Budapest Hungary/EU and Politecnico Torino Italy/EU.