A Complete Solution for Advanced LED Lighting Control, Public Safety & Security, and Smart City Applications


Cost-effective city-wide video platform

NetSense for Cities is the most cost-effective way to deploy a city-wide fabric for safety and security.  Rather than requiring separate installation, commissioning, networking, and data backhaul costs, the entire solution is scaled throughout the lighting infrastructure.  

Real-time maintenance and wire theft alerting

Copper theft poses a significant cost threat to cities and outages reduce public safety.  Through the NetSense Live service, all copper theft instances and issues of circuit outage are identified within seconds.  All other maintenance information is also reported real-time and available to be viewed historically. 

Smart city applications

NetSense for Cities has been designed as a true city-wide platform that supports a number of smart city applications.  With a distributed network of smart devices deployed throughout the city and already paid for due to lighting benefits, the economics offer a unique opportunity.  The kinds of applications include for example, smart parking with real-time information throughout street-wide and parking lot locations.