Retail Malls

A Complete Solution for LED Lighting, Advanced Lighting Control, Smart Parking and Retail Analytics


Property-wide retail analytics

NetSense for Retail Malls provides a unique platform for collecting retail information across the entire retail property. Retailers receive real-time and historical data regarding shopping traffic beyond just the storefront. The perimeter of retail information is extended, for example, out into where shoppers enter the property and park their vehicles.

Real-time parking availability information

A seamless parking experience improves greatly the overall shopper experience of the brick-and-mortar store.  NetSense for Retail Malls offers a solution for shoppers by providing real-time parking information throughout the parking lots and garages of a retail property.

Increased sense of safety and security

With video-based security and real-time video analytics, Netsense for Retail Malls offers not only a cost-effective solution to increase the safety of shopping patrons, but also offers pro-active information with which to respond to incidents.  Video analytics capabilities include, for example, the detection of loitering, entering forbidden areas, and license plate recognition.