Sensity Provides High-Tech Lights At Newark Airport

Sensity Provides High-Tech Lights At Newark Airport
Feb 18, 2014 09:32 AM 

The New York Times Tuesday reported that Newark Liberty International is using special light fixtures "outfitted with special chips and connect to sensors, cameras and one another over a wireless network. Data that is collected — say, a particular car pulling up to the terminal — can then be mined and analyzed for a broad range of applications. Systems like the Port Authority's, developed by a company called Sensity Systems, called Sensity Systems, could soon be more widely available."

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See a related interview conducted by AAAE President and CEO Todd Hauptli with Sensity Systems CEO Hugh Martin at

In the interview, Martin discusses a transformational approach to LED lighting, as well as direct airport-related applications made possible through a new networked platform allowing for the utilization of video analytics, cloud computing and big data.