Sensity Systems Awarded SAFETY Act Designation

From The Department of Homeland Security NetSense Light Sensory Networks Customers Receive the Highest Level of Liability Protection

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – December 16, 2014 – Sensity Systems, the pioneer of Light Sensory Networks (LSNs), today announced that the NetSense Light Sensory Network platform has achieved the Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designation.

Congress enacted the SAFETY Act in 2002 as part of the Homeland Security Act to encourage the development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies that will enhance the protection of our nation. NetSense for public safety and security transforms LED lighting infrastructure into a distributed sensing platform with embedded cameras and analytics to identify incidents in real-time and alert authorities. Capabilities include license-plate recognition, intrusion detection, forbidden area trespassing, perimeter security, and other configurable advanced security applications. In addition to public safety and security, global organizations have also implemented NetSense LSNs for applications focused on lighting, smart parking, and location and retail analytics.

“We are very excited to be the first in our category to have received the SAFETY Act designation,” said Hugh Martin, Chairman and CEO of Sensity. “We believe that the extensive and rigorous review that the Department of Homeland Security conducted on our NetSense LSN validates our technology and its performance in the field for applications such as public safety and security. The SAFETY Act designation provides our customers with an additional level of confidence and significant liability protection when faced with security threats.”

“Customers are beginning to understand the value of the SAFETY Act protection,” said Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of Homeland Security and a member of the Sensity Strategic Advisory Board. “Sensity is protecting its customers, contractors and users, while also securing a competitive advantage in the marketplace with their SAFETY Act designation.”

About Sensity Systems

Sensity Systems uses energy-efficient LED lighting as the foundation for a high-speed, sensor-based Light Sensory Network (LSN). The company enables light owners to capitalize on the LED conversion process by embedding networking technology within both retrofit and new LED luminaires. With Sensity’s open, privacy by design, multiservice NetSense platform, lighting owners are able to reduce energy costs and implement a variety of applications and services, including public safety, environmental and weather monitoring, parking management and location analytics. For more information, please visit