Tahir Khan, Chief Information Security Officer

Tahir H. Khan is the Chief Information Security Officer for Sensity Systems, where he is responsible for cybersecurity and information security, including establishing and maintaining the security strategy for the company’s hardware, software and cloud initiatives to ensure information assets and technologies are protected. He has been in the technology industry for more than 20-years, working in finance and private sector as a senior leader and consultant, with a focus on cybersecurity over the last 12-years.

Prior to joining Sensity in May 2016, Tahir was the Chief Information Security Officer for ETS Corporation, a large financial company on the East Coast. He was responsible for securing systems and infrastructure for systems that handles billions of dollars annually. Tahir regularly speaks at conferences and roundtables on topics, such as cybersecurity, payment security, data loss prevention and mobile application security.

Tahir earned his Masters from George Mason University in Computer Forensics. Bringing his expertise to teaching, Tahir is a Professor at George Mason University, teaching Computer Forensics, Penetration Testing, Anti-Forensics and Mobile Application Analysis.